Friday, April 12, 2013

Bomberman Password System Guide (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Ever wonder why video games like Bomberman for the good old Nintendo Entertainment System, popularly known as NES, got weird password construction!?

Brace yourself and get ready to conquer this old Nintendo Entertainment System game by understanding it's password system.

Synopsis goes:

This game from Hudson soft has a 20 character password probably used for keeping track of how many bombs a player might already have had, what stage that player might be in, bombrange, scores,  etc...
I have figured out 96% -(I guess)- of the whole password cycle patterns; and hoped to recreate a much concised formula from scratch sometime. This guide would give gamers a glimpse of whats been happening inside those weird 20 character. With this guide, everyone can now enjoy manipulating their Bomberman scores, bombs, range, detonator, flameproof, etc...

I created this guide way back 2005, guide cannot be placed on my Blogger due to limitation on number of characters per post. To peeps who are interested, my guide is actually posted on my Gamefaqs page.

by: Moronman


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