I have known "Voices of A Distant Star" since college. Although, I only had the chance to watch it not until I got married. Voices of a Distant Star aka "Hoshi no Koe" may had become controversial on its first release due to the amazing fact that the anime was entirely done by a one person on a Macintosh PC. His name is Makoto Shinkai, who used to work for a certain video game company. He later quit his job to work on Voices which took him "seven months "to call it a masterpiece.

VODS shows the predicament of Mikako and Noboru's long distance relationship. The two close friends exchange emails that takes a year to be sent and received via their mobile phones across space. Mikako, a special agent of the UN Space Army, was a student same as Noboru. Because of her wits and excellence in sports, she was chosen to pilot a robot Tracer as part of the army in war against Tarsians (aliens) leaving Noboru behind. As she travels deeper into space to track the enemy, the emails take increasingly longer to send back to the Earth. Noboru came to the point of surrendering to break up by saying, "eight years of waiting also means forever".

The flashbacks of their good memories together;. A morphing character of a younger Mikako and hallucination effect that shows Mikako's longing for Noboru are of surrealism The intermittent rain and gloomy sky manifests sadness and bitterness of being separated from each other.

The ending is self explanatory. Its up to the viewers how they will end the story. My fear was Mikako might have lost her sanity and killed herself after winning the battle. The plot was fine but they say "never is a story perfect." Well the problem in me is I give a damn to small details. I want to figure out why Noboru hasnt changed the model of his cellphone after 8 years (hmm, it could be hes just sentimental). Hell yeah, whatever it is, Makoto is undeniably a great artist. I wish I could be as courageous and persevered as him. Although its a 25 minute movie, I truly enjoyed it. Can I ask for more?

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